Hot Sam’s closed it’s doors on March 16, 2020, for the first time ever in 99 years as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, and 4 days later on March 20, 2020, Hot Sam’s launched its first-ever e-commerce website. Continuing to show their perseverance, resilience, and tenacity that has kept them in business for 99 years thus far, Hot Sam’s began navigating through the uncharted waters of the global pandemic. Hot Sam’s received national coverage on CBS as well as local coverage with their strategy for surviving the pandemic.  Square, Inc. launched a national TV and radio campaign that featured Hot Sam’s and was aired on ESPN, CNN, NBC, etc. Hot Sam’s hosted Harry Smith in store for a socially distant sit-down interview that was aired on the Today Show about the 1967 Detroit riot. Hot Sam’s entered into a new partnership and received support from Fifth Third Bank to expand the infrastructure of their online store. Hot Sam’s reopened the doors of their store in June 2020 and began the journey of thriving yet again.