Lauren Stovall

Legacy Preserver / Business Lead

The daughter of Tony Stovall, Lauren is the marketing director who is behind the social media, the store brand, and overall community engagement. Lauren is not a fixture in the store as her work takes her outside the door, however, when in the store she can be seen re-arranging and organizing adding a woman’s touch.

Lauren studied marketing at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University and returned home in 2009 and started putting her acquired skills to use in the family business. Her overarching objective is to combine old tradition and new tradition within Hot Sams by acknowledging the past with an appreciation for the present to sustain in the future.

Lauren is determined to live a fulfilling life of service within her work, aside from Hot Sam’s Lauren works with NCADD-GDA a non-profit where she is a prevention specialist bringing awareness to substance abuse. She also has her own LifeStyle brand called The Reminisce Experience.